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Understanding The Why Of Drug Abuse and Addiction

Hello everyone, in our last post we established that drug abuse and addiction can affect anyone at any point in their life across all demographics and financial classes. Let’s discuss the why of drug abuse and addiction. People take drugs for several reasons. In the young adult peer pressure is an important factor. Other reasons include self-medication to escape pain, anxiety, depression and other unpleasant feelings; ironically some continue drug use to avoid withdrawal symptoms (a series of distressing feelings and physiologic reactions that happen when taking drugs is stopped). Everyone has a different experience and the first use of a drug is often considered a critical occurrence. It is influenced by many factors which include curiosity, peer pressure, or permissive home environments. The next phase is usually considered persistent drug use. This is usually the point that divides recreational use and chronic use. During this stage behaviors began to shift and can include missing work or school; there may be arrests, missed obligations and changes in other behaviors such as stealing and lying. If this stage continues addiction is usually the result. Although some people can stop using drugs, others drift in and out of drug use for decades or for a lifetime. If this behavior sounds familiar or you have a loved one that you are concerned about don’t wait. Treatment is available to help you write your story differently. Call Reach for Recovery t today 318-317-1238 and start your new beginning today.

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